For full two minutes on july 2nd, 2019 a total solar eclipse will be visible in central-north part of Chile and Argentina.

A total solar eclipse is one of the most breath-taking sights in the natural world: as the moon’s shadow passes over the sun, the colors of the landscape are enhanced and stars as well as other planets are visible in sky. Just before the total eclipse, the sun’s rays are concentrated into a spectacular ring. And then, for two full minutes, night will hijack day and the world will fall silent as the stars and planets twinkle in the late afternoon darkness.

Map of the Solar Eclipse

If you’re going to travel halfway around the world to see an eclipse, it makes sense to ramp up your chances with a spectacularly remote (and almost-always cloudless) location. The Elqui Valley is renowned for its astronomical observatories as the clear skies and absence of man-made light make it perfect for star gazing. This bespoke glamping option takes you to the heart of the action and is without doubt the best way to watch the eclipse.

Aviación Total offers the oportunity to go see the Solar Eclipse by helicopter, departing from Santiago on july 1st and fly back on Wednesday 3rd, spend two nights is Ovalle and on Tuesday 2nd, fly from Ovalle to a remote location, isolated from everything to have a memorable afternoon connected with nature and the solar eclipse, enjoying some wonderful Chilean wine, cheese and fruits.

For pricing and conditions contact heli@aviaciontotal.cl

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